2 thoughts on “….the art of rebekah younger……..

  1. Thank you for mentioning my work on your blog. This piece was created as part of an exhibit of my contemplative photography at Aryaloka Buddhist Center evoking the elements of Earth, Fire and Water. My study of contemplative art practices began with the maitri space awareness exercises introduced by Chogyam Trugpa Rinpoche. These exercises were designed to invoke the energy of the energies or Buddha Families through immersion in the color associated with the energy and a posture. Very powerful stuff! I have continued my study through grad school at Goddard College and teacher training in the Dharma Art teachings. I am currently teaching the Shambhala Art program (a 5 part program based on the Dharma Art teachings) in Maine and the Northeast U.S. These have been a powerful influence on my work.

    • Rebekah
      Thank you for it being Ok to share your work on my blog. I was entranced by it, as were others. The world is so small ! I too have experienced the exercises you refer to + had the opportunity to attend Karuna Training in the Netherlands a few years ago. After that I completed a course in counselling, based on Buddhist Psychology in the Uk. The blog was a project for that course. Now I am embarking on Art Therapy training. I have looked at the Shambhala Art Training online……and hope at some stage to get to experience it in action……so, thank you for making contact….

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